Gloucester Place Guest House & Villa, Parlatuvier, Tobago

About Gloucester Place

We built Essex Cottage soon after we purchased the land in 1998. It was always our intention to build a bigger house on the site close to the cliff's edge that we could operate as a guest house after we retired. Gloucester Place was completed in August, 2006.

Gloucester Place - click to enlargeMost of the nearby accommodations are self catering apartments. We fill a need for those tourists looking for a more unique experience than staying in a large hotel, but who also want services that can make their holiday experiences more relaxing and enjoyable.

The name, Gloucester Place, comes from our family and reflects both our connection to the early Massachusetts colony as well as its English origins. Both towns and the ancestral home are located by the water, so we felt our site here in Tobago also justified the name.

In June, 2006, we retired from more that 30 years of work in international schools around the world. Our careers demanded constant interaction with many different types of people and have View from the Verandahelped us to develop effective management and communication skills.  We are hardworking, gregarious, and thoroughly enjoy meeting new people.

It is our intention to treat you truly as our guests.We want you to relax in the surroundings we have created which reflect our years in the Middle East and South America. Throughout the house there are large animals carved by indigenous people in the Amazon region of Venezuela, and paintings of tropical settings. Many of the rugs, wall hangings and artifacts in the bed rooms and living areas were collected during our years in the Lebanon, Iran, Saudi Arabia, India and Sri Lanka. We would be delighted to share our home with you and will do everything we can to make your stay a special experience.